Efficient air circulatory system within the jacket

Spacers are the best method to guarantee the air circulation and achieve an optimum body climate. The design, with the specially arranged SpaceFrame™ elements from X-BIONIC®, ensures a defined airflow in selected zones inside the clothing system. In this way, warm, moist air is ducted out of the system, optimizing climate control and the evaporation process. Evaporation involves dispersing moisture to the surrounding air.

This works as long as the surrounding air is not saturated with moisture, i.e. as long as the air humidity is less than 100%. When we perspire profusely, the air between the shirt and jacket very rapidly becomes saturated with moisture, so that drops form on the inside. Anyone who has cycled up a hill or jogged at a fast speed, in a conventional membrane jacket, has come across this experience. It therefore makes sense to immediately transport this moist air away and replace it with fresh air. SpaceFrame™ elements, attached on the inside of the jacket or between the outside material and the lining, ensure that a certain spacing is always retained. The individual elements are positioned to direct an airflow over selected zones. This airflow carries warm moist air away and replaces it with fresh air. This refined air channelling system, in the jacket, reaches right up to the specially designed collar where space is created by the diffuser design to vent the warm, moist air to the surrounding air. In this way, the SpaceFrame™ Technology contributes to a dry environment inside the clothing system.